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Post news RSS 'Getting Better Update Part 1' - Version 1.0.1 Update

The latest version (1.0.1) of the Food Raiders is now available.

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What's Good Everyone,

For two weeks I been working on stability updates for Food Raiders and to be honest, it was an interesting experience yet it is a significant improvement compared to how the game launched. I apologize that the game was basically broken on launch, this is my first commercial C# game and some of these problem came out of no where and with lack of time play testing due to the deadline.

In Part 1 of this stability update, the soft-lock issue in Version 1.0 is no longer plaguing the game. The UI isn't broken anymore with little changes. New Audio tracks and Sound Effects have been added. Last but not least, the Dash Attack for Mouse Boy now can be used mid-air. After a bit of play testing, I feel like the controls when using the Dash Attack made it more difficult and it required the Player to be on the ground in order to use it. So now, you can use the attack mid-air making you more mobile and are able to take down the Zombie Rats more easily.

However, in this update, there some small bugs that will arise such as:

  • Sound Effects Issues (There is an volume option in 'Options' to not harm your ears)
  • Menu Issues(Transitioning between both Main Menu and Pause Menu In Game)
  • Player doesn't respawn if they die in the 2nd Level.

Other than those issues, they will be fixed in Part 2 of stability update that will be released two week from now.

I thank you all for supporting me and this project as this continues to get better and once the stability updates are done, I'll start adding in new content and modes in the game.




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