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Do you want your character starred in YiMH? Read more!

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Hey guys! It's Whale.

So here I have another game titled "You're In My Home", a Point and Click survival horror game based off multiple Five Nights at Freddy's games, Boogeyman and others. I started this in an attempt to construct my own home, but I ended up making YiMH anyway.

Character Entry:
Okay, so once I've finished modelling and designing each room, I'll need to import, animate and script each character. So, I figured; "Why don't I ask the community?", so here I am saying you can come up with an idea for a character in-game.

Whether it be an attacker, a story line contributor or anything else, I'll accept any volunteers that meet the requirements. You can make your suggestion on this IndieDB forum.

How long will character entry be available?

For quite a long time, I don't plan on stopping it, but if I do you're always welcome to contact me with a model, animation or anything else.

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