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Overdosed: A Trip To Hell is finally coming out of Early Access on 23rd May with our final update! This sees the game complete with the never before seen Mansion arena!

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Overdosed: A Trip To Hell brings you a safe and cost effective way to go on a crazy, drug-fuelled rampage! With an Uzi in each hand and wildly spewing bullets in all directions, your reflexes and wit will be tested in this frantic arcade style twin-stick shooter as you battle hordes of nightmarish hallucinations.

The real meat of the game is in the roguelike Adventure mode where the main goal is to progress through 5 randomly generated stages, each one with their own unique set of objectives to complete in order to progress. Every level is different each time you play. Pickups like ammo/cash/drugs spawn at random locations which you must hunt for if you want to survive the constant onslaught of enemies, side objectives, mass confusion and general mayhem!

There is also the Arena mode where you fight increasingly frantic waves of enemies and earn points to purchase additional weapons and gadgets within the level. There’s no order of unlocks so you can play it your way and spend your points however you like. Each wave gets harder than the last with more enemy numbers and the introduction of new enemy types.


Industrial – Enemies such as giant spiders and strange alien-like creatures lurk around in the depths of this theme. Be careful where you step!

Haunted – This theme resembles a haunted house where the furniture comes alive and attacks you. Take on enemies such as animated chairs/tables and bear skin rugs that charge at you to rip your face off! Sounds delightful doesn’t it?


  • Colourful assortment of weapons/gadgets
  • Randomly generated levels
  • 2 themes: Industrial/Haunted
  • Wide variety of enemies
  • Roguelike with progression
  • Steam achievements
  • In-built steam leaderboards
  • Full controller support

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