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Time to take a quick look at building your own worlds and my progress so far!

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Time to get creative! I've been working continuously on the creating features of CZ since day one. Actually, creating was the first element I began development on.

With a limit of up to 1200 areas of a huge size, 2961 blocks per area, and 500 objects (of any type), worlds can truly take players on incredible journeys!

My vision was to make anything and everything editable. In the main adventure, you will obtain blocks, and objects with different functions that can really make your world come to life.

Interactive objects so far include-

  • Decorative Object: No real function
  • Transporter: Switch to different areas in a set X and Y position
  • Treasure Chest: Store an item of any stack size in these!
  • Sign: Write text on these for the world to read
  • Blackboard: Can have text written on it that really shows without a message pop up
  • Save Point: Self explanatory
  • Switch Panel: Alter a variable in the game and change what objects are active
  • Trunk: Store up to 800 items (local)
  • Enemy Spawner: Spawn the enemy of the spawning objects type
  • NPC: A fully customizable NPC! Alter the entire appearance and personality as you choose.
  • Shopping Shelf: Up to 10 items can be placed to sell per shelf
  • Quest: This one is for those who really want to get in depth and create an entire adventure. ;-)

and more to come!

Creating worlds has no limit and can be shared with anyone. You can even password protect worlds to keep players from altering their adventure in mid game.

Getting Creative! Build Away!

Online multiplayer has no limits and anything you can do offline can be done online as well! Best of all is when you're in create mode, everything changes around you in real time.

Servers can be set up by the players and can hold as many other players as the hosting server can handle.

What really makes CZ's create mode stand out? It would have to be the fact that full adventures can be made by others and shared by others. Buildings, dungeons, quests, characters, hidden items and everything you can think of can be added to your custom world.

I am working hard to allow the players to decide if they just want to sandbox play or dive in to a story driven adventure with actual switches and events to unlock. Create mode on CZ has so much that I am certain I will have missed something in this post.

Keep checking back for more info on the main adventure, goal of the game and far more as the ride continues! Also, I'll be posting developer blogs soon as I make progress on Creation Zero.

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