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GeomCraft polished version will release soon! Check our updates in this version.

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Hi all,

As we are approaching our final version, we receive tons of useful feedbacks from our playtesting sessions, and we are trying to take every minute to discuss, test and refine our product. In this version, we bring the following improvements:

  • BGM changes! Most of our players find our previous BGM inconsistent. Now we are really happy to have Adam Zachary Konig, a talented freelancer, designing our new BGM. This new background music maintains the strong tempo, and it removes noise and uneasy elements. Please enjoy this release with our brand new music!
  • Tempo changes. Our instructors suggest that maybe we can increase the speed of music and turns so that at the final stage, players will be enthusiastic. With our new background music, we test and refine this version, and we would like to share this experimental release with you.
  • Tutorial refinements. As always, we receive feedback on the tutorials for its complexity. This time we are trying to give players more direct hints on what they can/should do at some circumstance.
  • Starting menu refinements. Previously, the starting menu is just black. Now we use a video of our game as the background, and we modify the related aesthetical elements accordingly.
  • Scene transition refinements. Previously, there are no scene transitions, which makes the game too solid when the player goes into tutorial or starts the game. Now we add an animation, and we adjust the background music. With this refinements, player won't feel abrupt when they change scenes.
  • Red winning shader added. We receive feedbacks that the red winning flame is too cheap compared with the blue one. We worked on a shader and finish it in this release.
  • Other aesthetic refinements, such as laser beam width adjustments, grid-based battleground width adjustment, and alpha/width adjustment for blue/red lights in the middle of the map.

We explained the reasons for change above, and to summary, we make those changes based on the results of playtesting. This again shows the importance of playtesting.

Finally, in about one week, we are going to publish our gold release. During this final period, we have the following goals:

  • What is the result of our experiment? We have tried to change the tempo during the games. Are the lengths of the intervals too long/too short? Or is this idea even making our players uncomfortable? All of these questions will be answered in our final playtesting session.
  • Are there any misunderstandings? We feel like tutorials are always a hard part for a strategy game, and we are always trying to balance the amount of instructions. We need to observe our players and reach our conclusions on that.
  • Anything that we didn't consider before? Players can always see different problems from the developers. The playtesting session on Monday will be essential for us to make final improvements.
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