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This is the announcement for a small, indie game about trying to buy a house in a city being swept by gentrification.

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I live in a city that has been one of the fastest growing in the United States for almost a decade. The city council has done everything in its power to attract tech companies and coastal transplants with remote jobs, and it's been working. Which means every time I've found a place to live, money has flooded the neighborhood, rent has tripled, and I've been priced out.


This constant moving, trying to always stay one step ahead of the real-estate developers, felt a little like trying to outrun the scroll of the screen in old Mario games and inspired me to make this game. The goals in this game are simple: don't go broke and buy a house. However, just like in my city, the game map is being flooded with money, and the rent, housing prices are always on the rise, and buyable houses are in short supply.

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Lots of different map pieces have different effects on the property value of a house, and you as the player have to scour the map to find a place with the right mix of buildings where you can afford to live. Short, simple, and in real life, incredibly nerve-wracking.

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I'll explain more of how the game works in a future article, but for now, check out my Twitter to get pinged about updates, or follow the game on IndieDB for more news and articles.

Thanks for reading. Check back soon.

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