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Post news RSS Gentrieve 2 - 50% off & new updates!

Gentrieve 2 is now on sale! 50% off the normal price. Also, Gentrieve 2 has seen some updates thanks to your feedback -- now more of you can enjoy the 3D Metroid Prime-like game! :-)

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Hey all,

Time for a discount for the holidays! Gentrieve 2 is now 50% off!

Gentrieve 2 is now at v1.11, and there have been many improvements since our last news item! Boss difficulty has been balanced, so you shouldn't find too difficult or too easy bosses to fight. Weapons have received some balancing as well thanks to your feedback. Some crashes and world generation issues have also been resolved. Complete version history follows:


  1. Boss room doors won’t unlock until you pick up the rewarded item
  2. Charged Spread Shot will shoot more projectiles
  3. The Ice Cannon will slow enemies a bit more
  4. Bombs will now attract enemies when placed
  5. Increased Beam Cannon damage
  6. Reduced box health & thrown damage
  7. Slightly increased damage from normal enemies


  1. Modified & normalized boss battle difficulty & cover
  2. Fixed some minor lighting bugs
  3. Made some changes to hopefully fix the sporadic “Out of Memory” error when reloading games


  1. Fixed audio crashing bugs
  2. Fixed some sounds that were not played in 3D space properly


  1. Fixed a bug that caused some generated worlds to be incomplete & unbeatable
  2. Health upgrades should now be easier to find
  3. Secret room doors will now always be blue (e.g. openable with any weapon)
  4. Enemy limbs now have less health (makes them easier to blow off)
  5. Enemy sight distance reduced; enemies will not engage unless you get closer to them
  6. Worlds will feature more “hubs” and even less linear generation

- Phr00t

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