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Hi! We are happy to share how leveling works in the game and this "Time lapse" made by our concept artist!

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Here is a video made by one of our concept artist: Craig Soulsby, creating a concept of female Tahviin, we're happy to share it with you as a bonus! Comment and share!

Come and decide what the next article will be about on our Forum: Genesisgame.createaforum.com


The leveling system in Genesis depends on a system that isn't based on combat but interaction with the world. One thing that has to be said first is that there no level limitation. For us there's no such thing as not being able to evolve as long as you are alive, thus, you're never done with learning. Each level gained give you one competence point that can be used to upgrade your character's aptitudes and your level can also authorize the access to certain social classes.Each level grants a percentage of total experience needed based on your current level.

percentExperience = x% ( Actual Level / 2 )

Considering that the 1 level needs 1000 to be completed (Each number is round down after being calculated):

And it goes on...

Ways of earning XP

Jobs, Quests and Missions:
These three options are the most common ways of earning Xps. They consist in a large amount of objectives that have to be achieved in order to earn experience. However, these objectives have nothing to do with the most basic vision that every players might have.


For Quests, objectives are unique in a way that they have nothing to do with killing, only with exploring, traveling or resolving puzzles... They are real journeys where the only goal is to survive against nature, meaning the temperatures, hunger or thirst, everything is at the disposal of the player to feel like he deeply controls life parameters of his character. Quests are based on the idea of traveling, we want the players to have a vision of the world as "infinite". By consequence, the way it works is pretty simple, long paths are built to go to one point to another on the map, offering multiple ways to reach the goal, including puzzles, difficult weather conditions... Once they reach their goal, the quest is over and they earn XPs from it.

Role Playing Quests:
What we want is to offer the possibility of making RP useful for gamers. These quests are made to encourage RP between players. They are not REAL quests, they are more like optional quests, an easy way to earn money, XPs just by role-playing.


Missions are like Quests, but the main difference is that they are based on the scenario. Genesis works based on real time, meaning that everything is written from the beginning, every large scale events and happenings on a planet is planed from the beginning and at a precise moment of a planet's life. When an event occur, it creates Missions, and once the mission is done once, the event is done. Missions can have different forms, they can be based on the idea of an Extremely long journey that can take hours, or on the idea of a worldwide Mission, where every inhabitants of a planet have to play a role in that one... Everything depends on what the event is about. When that mission is over player who participated in it earn a large amount of XPs.


Jobs are small objectives that players have to accomplish to help the planet they belong to. There is a large number of jobs that are available in Genesis, more and more every weeks, depending of the Evolutions unlocked. These jobs are not forced, which means that players are not obliged to work to be able to play Genesis. But it helps earning some useful stuff, coins, XPs and Influence points. Jobs are not routines or everyday works if players don't want to, even if they can be, they are more diversified and changing, depending on players wishes. For certain kind of jobs, players will have to have a certain level or social class to be able to get it, depending on the importance of the job.

Environment interaction:

Interacting with the world is also one method to earn Xps. Indeed, each time you interact with someone by using emotes, each time you read a book, each time you buy, you sell or even when you pick objects on the ground, you earn a tiny amount of Xp for every actions that you do, this allow a really natural way of evolving in the game.

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