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This is a boring update on how we're doing, so you all know that we're not off in our cozy holes playing this game rather than working on it. Oh, and some hints about what next release may include...

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Hello all!

Well, ok, first I'll be honest. I wanted a new post to take all those stale images off our front page. Yell at me if you want.

Recent not-quite-news-but-worth-reading-anyways items:

First, the juiciest part: we're gearing up for another release, this time including heavy tanks for all sides (Tiger, Tiger II! IS-2! Churchill! Jumbo?), as well as a few aircraft (Il-2! P-51 Mustang, Spitfire! Fw-190, Bf109! among others!) on top of the set of infantry, light vehicles, towed guns, and light/medium tanks that we already have completed. Also, stay tuned for the release of M_26_7's beautiful map, Prokhorovka_1944 (check out the pictures!).

A small (perhaps) administrative point: thanks to Scott of ModDB founding fame, we've been moved over into the Indie Game category. This is because we're not actually modding any game - we started from absolute scratch with the Spring Engine. So, like other Spring engine games, we are, in fact, our own game. Pretty crazy, eh?

Also, it's worth repeating from the last post that we finally have nicer PHP-based forums, rather than the dumpy YABB base we were using. Come by and say hi!

If you're wondering where that darn release is that we posted about earlier in the year - shortly after we posted it, we discovered a nasty Spring engine bug that impacted S44 rather badly - games of 2v2 or larger in S44 tended to crash. So we removed S44 from the internets in hopes of preventing it from being known as "the crashy game." Never fear, onwards we work, and the next release is perhaps not far off. I won't be more specific than that, though (unless some curious soul decides to hire the S44 dev team to work on it full-time. Then I'd be happy to tell you when the release will be ;) ).

As always, look for us at


. We look forward to seeing you on our forums!
PS: I'm sorry for not including more pretty pictures in this post. I promise I'll put some more in the next one...

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*grumbles* stupid no eyecandeh update :(

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