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A few announcements regarding what to expect the coming months regarding the game and soundtrack.

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Hey everyone,

I'm gonna give some updates on progress and do a few announcements for the game in this post.

First of all, I have been working on a very simplified game engine. It is a 2D graphics engine with very simple code. It also does not care a bit about the gameplay code, as long as it gets its stuff to draw to the screen. It's quite the thing which a gfx engine should do in my eyes. I have also implemented inside this engine mini-threading functionality which balances the execution of the gameplay code library over several threads. The intention is to make the game scale with future hardware and with different hardware specs modern day. More CPU power will mostly enhance the size of the universe and the AI. More RAM will mostly increase the possible size. The threading functionality does not fully work as intended yet, but I'm getting close. I hope to be able to show some demonstrations somewhere in the coming weeks.

Another announcement I want to make is that I'll be releasing the soundtracks made for Star Apocalypse between july 2006 and now as CC-BY-SA for downloading somewhere in october. So it'll be added as a download package on here. Most of the devs on the project are also people who value an open culture with freedom to share the cultural fruits of others. In this, we want to release the soundtracks as items which can be freely shared and even be used in other commercial projects, as long as a reference to us is given.

I also want to apologize for a lack of updates. I have had a lot going on in real life, and still have. That has allowed me to spend little time on coding. Things should be slowly starting to settle down now, so hopefully I can get that game engine working within a few weeks.

Another announcement is that I intend to release a smaller game using this engine and minithreading capabilities before I will develop a full 4X game with it. It allows me to optimize it for running deep 4X simulations once I know the strengths and weaknesses of this engine.

This was it for this time. I hope to be able to show something really ingame the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me by email, PM on here, comments or on steam by my profile at Steamcommunity

PS: Little shoutout to the FAF community for pointing me this excellent vid:

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