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Hey guys how's it going? Today I've decided to just write up a random blog post with no real direction what-so-ever. Alright let's get started.

Recently I've began to use the Delta Monkey twitter a lot more and have began to follow as many people as I can that have any relevance to indie games, or are for any sort of review site. The advice that that redditor gave me seems to be really useful.

There wont be much work done on yolo this week because my birthday is this Friday. I'm still going to update twitter and post a blog entree but there wont be any real progress on the game from Friday to Sunday.

I've also recently gotten someone to redo my swagalagin skateboarder so he's even more douchey.

Also, after deep consideration, I've finally made a decision on what the start screen should be. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit in this blog spot, but you can find it under the photo gallery.
That's all I really have to update on now.Until next time, I'm Uwould222, good day and good luck.~Uwould222

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