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A free "alpha" version of the game, titled "GEARBEASTS: Dogfights," will be releasing for PC and Mac. Browser-playable, too!

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UPDATE: Gearbeasts: Dogfights is on a temporary hiatus while we explore different concepts. The project has shaped up well, but will require much more investment time than previously predicted in order to make sure the game is released in its absolutely best state possible.

Hey guys! We've been hard at work on GEARBEASTS, this last week has shown an incredible amount of progress.

After restarting engine development on September 16, 2012, we've entered and completed pre-alpha of the game, and are entering alpha stage.

The game is very playable right now, and by the time we complete alpha phase, we'll already have a solid product on our hands. We're very eager to get this game out to you...

...which brings us to GEARBEASTS: Dogfights.

GEARBEASTS: Dogfights is a preview build of GEARBEASTS, which features the Virtual Firing Range, a wave-based endurance mode that throws threat upon threat at the player. Using Dogfights, we will be able to give you folks a nice taste of what to expect when the game is complete in a few months.
And it won't be some kind of feature-cut build of the game-- what you see in Dogfights is what you'll see in New Universal Order, but it'll obviously be better in New Universal Order.

GEARBEASTS is programmed in Unity 3.5, and will be releasing on PC and Mac, with other platforms on the horizon.
Dogfights will be 100% free, and will be releasing on PC and Mac through either a direct download, or through your browser using Unity Web Player!

Keep your eyes out! (And new content for you guys will be coming soon.)


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