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Today I want to share our game, we are a Indie Development team. I want to show the early stages of development of the game to know your opinions to help us create a better game.

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Game Profile

Title: Final Boss

Genre Exploration, 2D Platform

Platform PC/Console

Modes Single Player

1 General Flow - Objective

The main objective of the player is to discover the history of the character and the castle.

  • Collection of evolution points: in this point, the player has to focus in eating the creatures of the castle to obtain evolution points and to increase the skills.
  • Exploration: using the new techniques already acquired, the player will explore new areas of the castle looking for new rooms or enemies.
  • Battle with heroes: the player will confront to a hero when he/she reaches a specific amount of evolution points, or when the player arrives to a specific part of a castle.

The game can be considered as finished when the player reaches a specific part of the castle and when he/she has killed an amount of heroes. When the player achieves this, he/she will have discovered the main plot.

However, the player can continue exploring and discovering all the rooms, enemies, among others and complete the game at 100%.

2 Evolution & Abilities

The skills of the player can be seen in an evolution tree. The player will unlock the new skills. The evolution tree contains two main branches: Organic and Cyborg.

It will be possible to progress when the player obtains an amount of evolution points. The necessary amount of points will increase while the player progress more and more.

3.3 Fighting

The battle can be hand to hand or from the distance, we will have enemies who make us difficult the advance.

3.4 Dying

When the player dies, it appears a new character with the half of evolutions that the player had. The player can come back from the point he/she died to eat and to take evolution points from his body.

3.5 Exploration & Map

The castle where the player stays, is a completely continuous and handmade map, it is not procedural.

Even though the map is continuous, it can be divided in rooms. In order to access from room to room, the player needs a specific evolution that allows him to enter in the room. There are also other rooms that are activated with a mechanism which is in another room.

The topology of the map is structured in a wheel way where the centre is the Final Boos room, and from this room several alternative ways appear.

  • Combat room with heroes: it is the same room of the egg (which is the main room of the “Monster”).
  • Food rooms: In some areas of the map, it will be a hidden room called “food room”, where you can find a big amount of monsters that you can kill to obtain evolution points.
  • Story rooms: they are rooms that tell a secondary story different from the main room. They are spread through the map and they are unblocked.
  • Award rooms: here, you can see the awards that you obtain when you kill héroes. Besides, it will be shown drawings of the story. As we obtain more awards we discover more story.
  • Egg room: the player will start in this room whenever he dies (it can be the same room than the trophies room)

3. Visual style

The visual style will result from a mixture of medieval aesthetic.





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