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It's been a couple months since the release of the game but that doesn't mean I have forgotten about the game. I just a short break from it after working very steady on it last year. I also wanted to wait for some feedback to give me some direction moving forward as well.

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The last couple months I worked on a small space shooter project and I also took part in Ludum Dare 31. It was nice to take a small break but Gavin's Quest is a much bigger project and I have invested a lot of my time. I did however feel I needed to see how the game preformed and what feedback I would get back from the users themselves.
What feedback I got was pretty helpful some users found that Gavin's hit points regenerated too slow meaning they had to wait around too much for them get back to a safe level to engage in combat. I addressed this issue by speeding it up and I added that in my latest edition of the demo.
The other thing that users were having difficulty navigating the mines so I added markers pointing the way for Gavin to the vault on the level. The demo will be getting these very soon as I plan this week to do another update to it.
And the big concern I had was were users were having trouble keeping Gavin alive. A user suggested that the game needed better explaination of the controls. And it hit me that what the game needed was a user manual. Yesterday I completed the manual for the game.
Moving forward I will continue to address any gameplay issues with Gavin's Quest as I am extremely proud of this game. Thank you for your time.

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