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Better visibility, weapon mods, demon spawns, tweaks! A great development week in general!

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Ganymede Gate is a modern roguelike where you must find out what happened on a terran base in the eponymous jovian moon.

This week additions are:

  • Better visibility algorithm for better occlusion of enemies (needs a few adjustements tho).
  • Weapon mods, affecting each weapon's stats.

Modding a 9mm gun

  • Weapon info in the inventory, to clearly see the effects of modifications.
  • Weapon ammunition indicator in the main screen.
  • Random demonic spawns (although it just spawns usual enemy marines for now).
  • Changed a bit the zoom to make it easier to see enemies ahead.

Next week target additions are:

  • Minimap
  • Better visibility calc
  • Sound dynamics (trying to get weapons warn enemies)

Some of the artistic process to weapon and item creation has been playing with constraints, but not living by them: Trying to get what i want to achieve closes using ascii (in this case, using the excellent REXPaint) and then getting that asset and editing on Gimp to make it more attractive or less chunky. This achieves and ascii-ish effect on the weapons, which i find nice.

Asset creation process


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