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Because some people probably want to read the news stories on the IndieDB site, I will write short summaries of our blog posts from www.prisonscape.com.

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This is a post that might give away minor spoilers about Prisonscape. I will surround the spoiler parts with a spoiler tag, so you can decide for yourself if you want to read them or not.

Every prison needs its gangs. In fact, some prisons are run by them, and in many cases they are the ones who keep rioters and most violent criminals at bay with their own complex rules. In Prisonscape, we have 4 major and few smaller prison gangs. The player can join these gangs based on the character's skin color. But you don't HAVE TO join a gang, as you can keep playing as a "neutron", a person who doesn't get involved between the gang rivalries, but doesn't get any of the benefits of being in one either. Here's a short description of the gangs we have in Prisonscape:

Aryan Brotherhood | "The Brand"

The Aryan Brotherhood admits only white members who align themselves ideologically with white supremacists. They admire German and Irish ancestry and Norse/Viking symbolism and history. All members of The Brand vote to initiate new members, and even one negative vote will keep the player out of the gang. Final approval is given by the gang leader, the "General".

The Brand has a "blood-in, blood-out" policy, meaning a member must kill in order to be admitted into the gang and must die in order to leave.While the members of Aryan Brotherhood are white, they are known to associate with Mexican Mafia and sometimes with blacks. These associations are formed as a necessity and generally involve drug trade. The alliance between AB and Mexican Mafia came about as a means of protection against rising numbers of rural Mexicans of La Nuestra Familia.

The player can join The Brand in the final game. The "benefits" include getting protection from the gang (bonuses in fights) and having cheaper prices for trade items between gang members.

Black Guerrilla Family | "The Vanguard"


The Vanguard maintains an extensive and precise code of ethics and are the most politically oriented gangs in the US. As black revolutionaries, members consider themselves above racism. However, this code is often forgotten in the prison environment, and their oath clearly states that "there is no cure for the evils of the Western world other than through uncompromising destruction".

They also facilitate drug trade and most of their members are from all-black street gangs such as Crips and Bloods. They maintain close ties with these street gangs to keep drugs flowing and even offer protection to street dealers that are sentenced to prison.BGF remains rivals with Aryan Brotherhood and Mexican Mafia. They sometimes associate with La Nuestra Familia in coordinating the drug trade from Mexico.The player can join The Vanguard in the final game.

The Vanguard assists the player by providing help for smuggling items into the prison. He also gets cheaper prices when trading between gang members.

La Nuestra Familia | "La Familia"


LNF is a Hispanic gang with a large portion of members coming from rural areas and are referenced as "farmers" by their enemies. They originated in order to protect young, rural, Mexican-American inmates from the Mexican Mafia. It was set up along military lines, including ranks such as generals, captains and soldiers.

LNF is a big gang with rising numbers, and they are known for their ruthlessness and violence.LNF are bitter enemies of the Mexican Mafia and The Aryan Brotherhood, but they sometimes associate with BGF in coordinating drug trade and protecting dealers.

LNF is the biggest gang in the final game. It is possible for the player to join them through a series of long and difficults jobs. LNF provides protection for the player and the possibility to hire a "hitman". He also gets cheaper prices when trading between gang members.

Mexican Mafia | "EME"


The EME, which promotes ethnic solidarity, is a Hispanic gang that has control over gambling, extortion and some of the drug trade inside the prison. They are known for their viciousness, and they use murder as a form of inter-gang intimidation. EME is also known as one of the most disruptive prison groups within the federal prison system.

Its drug trafficking is carried out by a paramilitary organizations and they have a lot of power outside of the prison.The EME enlists members from urban areas and their allies are The Aryan Brotherhood and various other street gangs. AB and EME are associates and occasionally will take hit contracts for one another.EME is the weakest gang in numbers in the final game, but they make up this with violence and ruthlessness.

Player can't join EME in the final game, but is associated with them if he belongs to the Aryan Brotherhood.


Wow! This is coming together quite nicely.

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Prisonscape Author

We're doing our best! Stay tuned for constant updates :)

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I love the whole idea with the gangs. Great job!

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