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Discussing changes made in GU 0.1.1 and steps we will take to get the next update out!

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Game update

...We released UNSC Warfare to the public for alpha testing on saturday and have had a fantastic response!

In this update we are going to be talking about:
Testing Release Summary
Top Player
Requested Features
Known Issues

Development AheadIt Wad a crazy weekend with over 24_ hours of development time logged fixing immediate issues and catering to player needs! It was a bumpy ride at first with a variety of minor problems rearing their head however they were all eventually solved.If you have been playing the game you will have noticed that a number of updates have been pushed out to the game, all with purpose and some hopeful functionality bundled in. To begin with there was a number of fixes - we fixed the following

  • Stat Bar taking up whole screen
  • Timer disabled
  • Fleet page crashing
  • Weapon upgrades not working
  • Recharge of individuals recharging other units
  • Store prices being incorrect
  • Retirement of unit bug
  • Infinite Requisition point bug
  • Army being deleted bug
  • Storage being incorrect bug
  • Ability to buy more units than storage allows

Next up here is an overview of units balanced:

  • All units prices increased
  • Marines needed across the board
  • Mongoose health decreased
  • Spartan damage increased and Armour decreased
  • Warthog damage and speed increased
  • Accuracy decreased by 10% for all infantry
  • And more..

And finally this is the bulk of what the game update included in terms of changes and new features:

  • Requisition Point reward now based off the amount of units killed. This prevents players being able to exploit other players with one unit.
  • An Online now section was added to list all online players plus a label to their player page.
  • Battle button added to player page.
  • Quick Recharge button added to stat bar. Logout changed to icon.
  • Players now receive a message if they lose in addition to winning battles.
  • Upgrade your ship- armoury now allows players to upgrade to different ship types which opens up the possibility of more units.
  • Fleet page is optimised to reduce potential server errors.
  • Scripts handling code for battles was updated slightly.
  • More information added to armoury pages.
  • Units now have a kill counter.
  • Chat box now displays links to players profiles.
  • General optimisations across the board
  • RP regeneration through energy charge has been amended.
  • Players in fleet with no units can no longer be battled.
  • And finally a User Guide for new players located in the hub
  • Removed the Anchor in the URL
  • Adjusted critical hit percentage,
  • Made battle more visual with health bars utilised more
  • Chatbug fixed with not being able to post

Now for future features. There have been a lot of requests and when going through them it's a matter of priority mixed with what will be needed and used the most.Currently being developed is the Mission System - this will be when players fight against AI Covenant Troops for Unit/Requisition Reward, however units lost in this are actually dead! However Victors will be given a mixture of units and requisition points as winnings!In addition to this we are working on another system.. Begins with the letter 'H'. No more on that right now. In addition general optimisations, upgrade all button (for weapons). A Win Ratio, Game Battle History and more!

Remember as always to send feedback and suggestions via 'REPORT BUGS' at the top!

Thanks for reading!

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