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Today is a quick update with the announcement of our uploaded gameplay video as well as an opportunity to discuss goals with our music tracks.

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New Gameplay Video Added!

This morning I uploaded a gameplay video to give a better idea of where we are at.

Game Music

In addition to putting together the above video, I've been talking to a few folks about music content this morning, so I also wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the plans for music track for this game.

Since the goal is to recreate a retro CRPG, I'm very interested in music that recaptures and reminds players of the Ultima IV themes. If you are unfamiliar, here is the full set of music that was on the original Commodore 64 version by Kenneth W Arnold.

Even more so, the Ultima V song, "Stones" is an absolute classic for the genre we are trying to recreate.

Like those games, I will need tracks for the various gameplay states. Here are some examples of what I know will be needed (all of these gameplay states are viewable in today's video).

  • Land Wander
    • This is music for wandering the over-world.
    • This will be what the player hears the most, so it is important that it doesn't get annoying.
    • It will likely needing a night-time variation to set a "spooky mood"
    • This is what I'm currently using: Pond5.com
  • Land Battle:
    • Something inspirational and fun.. adventuresome.
    • This is what I am currently using: Pond5.com
  • Ocean Wander
    • For when player is exploring the oceans by ship.
    • Reminiscent of a sea shanty : Youtube.com
  • Ocean Battle:
    • When player is fighting battles
    • Adventure/pirate theme ... think Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Wandering the Cities
    • Something a little lighter, but not too repetitive since this will be something players hear a lot as well.
  • Wandering the Dungeons
    • Wandering dungeons will be both exploring as well as fighting monsters and solving puzzles.
  • In the Shrines:
    • There is currently one shrine, this is where you are resurrected if you die in the game.
    • The music here should be similar but calm and reflective.. as if the main game was played in a day spa.

I am sure there will be more game/audio states as the game-play emerges from development, but that at least that gives an overview of the initial important ones and what I'm looking for.

If you want to get involved, please reach out.


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