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Mutants, robots, terminals, reactors, weapons and gameplay.

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Hacking robots


Robots, your newest weapon!

When a robot is hacked, you get access to control it and equip your desired weapons, some high security robots will have a extra turret, which is useful for attacking multiple targets, this extra turret will also be extra difficulty before the player hacking it, due to it randomly rotate similarly to the lower section, the player is also given the option to control who the robot targets.


dangerously close

Mutants, a special type of enemy, this mutant chases the player at a superior speed, at a great distance they will reach extreme speeds, mostly found in dark areas, where radiation is present.

Jumping on their back is useful due to them simply continue running through the place.



The portal is a very useful and rare technology, it will take you to any base in a certain range in the world map, you can also teleport robots to bases using it.

Dual wielding

dual wielding

Dual wielding is useful for carrying utility equipment and weapons at the same time, but dual wielding reduces player speed.



Hacking terminals is required to hack robots and also to access functions and doors in the base, terminals types are split in low priority, medium priority and high priority.

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