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A short update on the current status of our gameplay logic.

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Hello trusted fans!

Hope everyone is doing great and are as excited as us for the upcomming SGA 2014! In case you have missed it we are entering the Swedish Game Awards 2014 as well as having a booth on their conference now in March! Check out our entry and hype us on facebook here: Gameawards.se

Today I wanted to give you a short gameplay update so you can follow our current status. Hopefully we will have some more media up next week, please be patient with us!

First of all we have added more GUI content in the form of charge/channeling bars for abilities. Certain abilities will allow to be charged for increased effect or they will need to be channeled over time. This is now visible in the HUD using a red status bar.

We also implemented the team select overlay from which players will chose the red/blue or spectator team. Each rule-set will require a minimum number of players to join before a match is started (for TDM this number is 4). Before this the game is in warmup, pretty standard stuff.

Team Selection

As for new ability logic we added support for ray-like abilities (lasers for you sci-fi nerds out there) as well as homing logic so that they can follow a target! pretty cool if I may say so myself.

We also started work on the permanent ability which is a no-damage push-back that is not lost upon death. Each player starts with this ability attached to the right mouse button(can be changed of course).

What else... ah yes! We tweaked the health system to allow health up to 200 (100 being the standard value). If a players health exceeds 100 it will tick down with one health per second (who else played Q3 as a teenager?).

That is all we have for you at this moment! But look forward to some more videos next week!

Kim Hansson

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