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This is a semi vague list of mechanics and features I plan to have implemented before the game is considered released. This list is subject to change, and will likely change before release. The completed mechanical features list will be available before release.

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  Primary Mechanical Goals:

    * Complete 8 populated regions
      * Each has at least one city
      * Some have multiple towns
      * Each has at least 3 primary story quests
        * Some characters locked for certain quests
        * Other times no character locks
      * Each has multiple secondary quests.
        * Most have no character locks
        * Rewards bonus items and exp
        * Allows exploration of areas not normally accessable.
      * Each contains one large roaming boss to be hunted over multiple quests.
      * Each in sequence has increasing rewards.
      * Each in sequence has increasing difficulty.

    * Currencies - all currencies established and usable, with currency interfaces and code.
      * Markers / Resources
        * Used for purchasing
          * Equipment upgrades
          * Items
          * Enchanting globs
        * Accumulated by
          * Quest rewards
          * Selling items
          * Selling equipment
          * Selling enchantments
      * Globs
        * Used for equipment
          * Levels equipment
          * Hones equipment
          * Enchants equipment
        * Used for enchantments
          * Resources
          * Metal
          * Carbon
          * Elemental
          * Chaotic
        * Accumulate through
          * Disassembling
            * Items
            * Equipment
            * Enchantments
          * Quest rewards
          * Gifts
          * Find on the field 
          * RARELY purchase small amounts

    * Specialize your party
      * Set a battle formation
      * Choose party members
      * Specialize characters

    * Complex skill trees
      * Skill setups, to allow saving and rebinding on the fly with entirely new skill sets.
      * Rebind player controlled character skills using player customized skill loadouts.

    * Highly complex individual characters and enemy interactions
      * Each battler is near the same calibur as eachother
      * Player advantage comes from enchantments
      * Enemies have entire skill sets of their own
      * Statistics and equipment are both easy to understand, 
        and complicated enough to immerse even the most die hard fanatics

    * Defeat strong opponents
      * Enemies are the calibur of player damage
      * Higher the level, the more difficult the game becomes
      * Increasing challenge means increasing rewards
      * Player decisions and mobility, determine the results of fights.
      * Battler traits contain many complicated traits, to create a truly unique battle experience.

    * Truly unique turn based experience
      * Expansive immersive turn based active time battle
      * Use skills to control your enemies positions.
      * Create complex strategy based entirely on your current team.

    * Produce and enchant complex equipment
      * Equipment levels up
        * In intervals of 2
        * There is no max level
        * the requirements increase
        * Each level multiplies the base stats
      * Level equipment with
        * Globs
        * Items
      * Equipment slots are for enchanting
        * Add sockets to gear through levels
        * Upgrade sockets individually through crafting
        * Enchantments can
          * be binded and unbinded to sockets
          * can change statistics
          * can increase income
          * can assist with gathering

    * Accumulate a storage of items
      * Accumulated by
        * Gathering
        * Quest rewards
        * Purchase
        * Trade
        * Hidden items
      * Disassemble into globs
      * Sold for markers
      * Craft to create different types of items
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