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Let's take a look at what Fleet Hackers is like today and how it's made its first transition into VR.

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Hey everybody! About a few weeks ago we dropped a few content trailers announcing the passing of our RTS prototype. So far, we've done two public demos in Fargo, ND and the reception was overwhelmingly positive for us. The VR idea is a huge hit, coupled with the idea of living inside the bridge of a star ship accompanied by life sized space companions that work alongside you.

In our video today, we want to show you how Fleet Hackers VR works. It still runs a lot of the RTS code for AI and turret systems (we'll show in a video sometime in October), but for now, this is the core game play mechanics.

The game is designed to put players in the bridge of a massive star ship with all the buttons and levers a full size ship would have. You have complete freedom to move about inside the ship (inside the Vive play area and via these green box nodes) and even outside the ship when the situation arises.

The main part of the game play is heavily influenced by GTA, where you have complete freedom to hop into any vehicle you'd like. Of course star ships are much bigger than cars, so in order to board and take control of a ship, you must plan out your tactical moves. Disable the ship, take out the crew, and take home the prize.

Our main development team comprises entirely of students from NDSU, the seniors are pretty much actual seniors, except for myself Ruben, who is a graduate student. We have brought on a few recruits who range from freshmen to juniors in hopes of delegating some educational tasks to them.

Fleet Hackers VR will be completely free on alpha release in the summer of 2017. This project is our solution to game development education in a state funded institution. We will continue developing this game until we feel it is ready to be released.

In addition, we also are planning on a multiplayer release as well with the ability to play cross-platform, which means between the Vive and standard none-VR PCs. Similar to the single player module, multiplayer will support complete freedom of choice. Each player can man any console, can hop out of the ship at any time and roam around the map hoping on any ship, fighter, or station.

We're neck deep in the works with interactive characters, in which you'll be able to consult, cooperate, betray, annoy, sneak up on, shoot, and much much more. Stay tuned for more content!

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