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This post outlines some of the basic mechanics and features of Foxtrot

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Foxtrot is an RPG with stealth elements. A typical level consists of you having to navigate James Wolf through a series of enemies (i.e. a horde of zombies) in order to achieve an objective. For instance, in the first level, you must battle past a horde of zombies in order to obtain a key that will allow you access to the fox scientist laboratory. In its current form, two different weapons are available in Foxtrot. When in range of the enemy and with the knife selected, the player can do damage to an enemy by clicking on the enemy. With the gun selected, the player can zoom in (although zooming restricts movement so as to disallow the player from destroying the enemy without any difficulty by shooting and running away) in order to hit the enemy from a distance. Abilities such as run speed, jump height, damage, max health, and max stamina can be upgraded. Upgrades are purchased with XP gained from defeating enemies and completing tasks. Players will be given directions at the beginning of levels and there will be several basic dialogue scenes interspersed with gameplay. More features may be forthcoming.

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