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Here some more devsnippets from the working Demolevel.

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Hi @ll,

i have a fresh gameplayvideo for you to watch, when you have eyes. (one is enough to watch).
When you have no eyes, then i am sorry for you, but you can still hear the gameplayvideo.

That is stuff from the working Demolevel, but there is still some stuff to do.
No menue no settings, nothing to complicated, but i want to do it at very least, including a simple savegamething.
The grapplecontrols are very smooth now and intuitive i hope.
Switching between Grappmode and Grabmode with 1-2 Keyboard
Movement standard WASD, sprint shift, jump space.
When grapple is connected to a static object, your controls are extended.
Press and hold shift and use WASD for aircontrol, easy hah?

The grapples are extended/released with keyboard 4(leftgrapple)+5(rightGrapple)
The falldamagee works on every axis, even when something smashes you to a wall!

The defender Turrets shoot different patterns (watch muzzles) and they protect the final objective.
You can try to jump over some steps (substeps) and get rid of them, but i bet there is a quicker way ;)
And some more other stuff from the trail.
Sincerely Bauch. ^^





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