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We're happy to announce our first, nearly complete game!

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We've been working day and night towards our goal of minimal viable product and we've finally reached it! So I thought I'd share some of the game with you first since it was a long time ago we posted anything! There is still some small parts to work with, but the gameplay is as good as done!


To start off we have our menu screen above. To give you some perspective and a great oppurtunity for imagination; the background is panning to the sound of an office.

Character select

Here we have our character select. Everything is done and you can play as the different characters! The only thing missing is that we haven't graphically filled out the stats yet.


Moving on to our crude level selection. This need a tidy bit more work. Nothing much though. Only move the levels and add a thumbnail for the actual level as well.


In-game! We've added a lot of U.I as you can see! Power-ups are working flawlessly and so is everything else!
For this article I only used the top-left character!


Here you can see we've picked up one of the three power-ups that exist: the coffee cup! This is an hilarious speed boost that combines silly sounds with a lot of screen shaking! The other power-ups are: Rotten lunch and Nails.


Using the coffee! It's a great way to catch up to the other competitors! If you compare to the article before this one, you'll also see how much we've refined the graphics. We really want to give that funny feeling in a boring enviroment!


The good ol' pause-screen will be the last for now. I sincerely apolagize on behalf of the team that we haven't been more active here as we promised. Things have been stressfull but everything is coming together! We have about one more week of efficient work time until the game is supposed to be complete, so if put in perspective with consideration of what we have left to do, I'd say that we're well on our way!

Best regards,
Project Leader

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