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this is the Legend of Dungeon alpha Nymph change log and video!

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Ahoy Dungeoneers, this is Alix your co-pilot!

We forgot to tell everyone, but we have redone our website, it looks way cooler than it did a few months ago!

More importantly, we've got a new build for you! This was going to be the build we released for our launch onto Steam, but it turns out Valve won't be able to get us up there for a few weeks at least, so we didn't want to make everyone wait any longer!

We recorded a update video live yesterday, so here is!

Here is the breakdown of alpha Nymph update if you want to read it instead. We've made a lot of progress, so I'm very excited to tell you that we have:
Changed lowest resolution to 640x480 (no more 100x100 crazyness)
Added NPC’s, they randomly appear in their own rooms througout the dungeon! Item Shop Blacksmith The Traveler (hmm I wonder what he wants from you?)
Added Gorgon (careful, it saps speed)
Added BomblingAdded GloomAdded Unicorn Boss!
Added Vampire Boss!
Added Random Summon book (use at your own risk)
Added Crate Summon book
Nerfed the Succubus, she was OP
Nerfed the Enchanted Skeletons, what was I thinking?
The Eye spawns later now
Changed how items dropped so they don’t get stuck on you anymore
Fixed doing damage from doorways (you can’t attack through walls, you cheaters!)
Fixed the soul orb count being off by 1
Fixed Blobs loving on switches and boxes
Fixed Monster effects (like sap strength) happening even if you don’t take dmg from a hit.
Turns out I forgot to add the Dragon Helm, Fox & Kitsune Mask to the item spawner, fixed.
Moving blocks in other rooms no longer make noise and shake the screen.
Niceified some of the older sprites
Made apples bouncy!

We're already hard at work adding in more things, as I type Calvin is streaming the development of the new potion!

I hope everyone is enjoying playing the game!

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