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Wait, Wait, Wait....Why the long wait? Not this again...

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Wait, Wait, Wait....Why the long wait? Not this again...

Yeah, I probably created too many of these types of posts, huh? Well, here is one more for yah...For some of you all that don't know, I'm currently going to college. For a game degree of course! And this semester I'm in a class where we are in a group that is creating a game....Well, more so a prototype of a game, really. My group consists of three programmers and three artists(Which, by the way, I am EXCITED about that; in most cases there's a crap load of artists with 1-2 programmers. We are even out). Our game is like a modified tower defense game. I won't bore you with the long details, but once we're done with the prototype I might make a video or we might have a place for you guys to download it. And that's not even on our minds right now, lol. Anyways....

I don't want to bog you guys down with miles of excuses. But, on my free time, I'm still working on the game. I'm coming up with ideas for the fourth level right now. Trying to find clever ways into escaping. I may make you answer riddles! That Gotham show has really gotten to me...

I've done sooommmmmeeee more work to the third level, but I really want to get to working on the other levels; Which may just be 2-3 more levels to finish the game. Once I'm done with those levels, I will retouch the others to fit what I really want for the game.

Guys and gals, I'm still working on the game. Don't think that I've completely given up on this. THIS WILL BE RELEASED! On the next go around, I may not put alllll of the levels together. You may just see one level of the game that gets released.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog, and sorry for the wait(Hmmmm, I could make a game with that name ;)), I am still working on it slowly but surely.

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