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This Update sees new features and new bug fixes. These Update Posts help me keep track of what needs done in the game.

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Version 2.2 Bugs and Features

  • Sorry, no enemies yet, but I've implemented a new way to tell EXACTLY where you can teleport which will prove VERY useful, especially when teleporting next to floors, walls and ceilings.
  • There has been a rather noticible overhaul on the graphics quality of the game. It's not complete yet and whether these new graphics are final have not been decided yet. Still, looks a damn sight better than the inanimate stickfigure and blank tiles that I used before.
  • Also, modified the Jumping a bit. Tried to make a bit slower.
  • Bug fixes. Lots of it. too many to list 'em all but here's a few : 1. Player silhouette would appear inside impassable tiles. 2. Player silhouette would move away from mouse cursor when the game side-scrolled downwards. 3. Player could teleport inside floors/ceilings. This bug appeared earlier but was fixed via an alternate method. Don't know how it popped up again.

Plans on what to add

  • Add a Title screen and Main menu.
  • Add Enemies.
  • Add Homing Missile launchers(will require a Maths Expert for that).
  • Add Obstacles.
  • Modify the movement to be acceleration/friction based
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