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A quick update explaining where i was and a trailer!

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Hey, where the hell have i been... (said nobody ever), i've been gone for a short while to sort out life things as usual, but lately due to the lack of staff to work with me on my game i've just gone uninspired for awhile until now. I decided to create a trailer for my game deep creek so atleast i have something such as content regarding the game to show off (a measliy teaser just dosint cut it). You wont believe how many storylines i had to shelve becuase they sounded too generic, i lost count! So yet again i have just been busy with life stuff and i just didint have time to work on the game (im still in school so that also takes a big chunk of my time aswell with the homework and the sort), a considering i dont know how to program adds to the fustration (I only know the batch programming langauge, which isint helpful with what im doin). So here, a short trailer that i made and animated all single handedly!

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