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Hi there!As you can see in the title it says Game testers contest! Yessss ! Its very easy to go in the competition but its not very easy to win because there are only 3 tester slots and not everyone can win! :(

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What is a game tester?-It can be counted as job by testing out the games.At this point its free :)
What i will need to do?-You will need to test out the game and find bugs and glitches.
Will i get any reward?-Well not the money but you will be able to test our latest builds and content! Also you will get future rewards like gadgets and other achievements.
How long its going to take to get it?-At this time i cant say but i'll probably going to pick up winners in next month
When we will be able to put our hand on the game?-Im going to add you to my skype and make a group where you will be able to download our latest build
Is it possible to pirate it?-I don't think so because theres going to be CD-keys and log in system so it would be hard to hack on the registration part :)

How can i join?Just watch this video and follow the steps :) Youtube.com[

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