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After entering the Gamemaker Comunity Game Jam last month, and making a video game in under 72 hours, I saw the potential in it and decided to make it a much better game, It is now nearing completion so I'd like to share the details with you!

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Hello from Roadhammer Gaming, I am pleased to announce that I am almost ready to publish my next video game, Territory Earth, to Google Play for Android devices, and it will also be available for Windows computers. This game started out as a project for last month's GMC Game Jam, and was originally created in under 72 hours, there weren't any major bugs in it, but it was heavily rushed and some things, like the mirror room, didn't look or work very good at all, and the story line was confined to the title screen and game end screen. I saw great potential in this game so I decided to fine tune, hone and add more content as well as an in game progressing story line.

The game is a post apocalyptic story of a Canadian tree eating caterpillar That has escaped the effects of a fungal spore infection that wiped out humanity and many species of animals. The year is 2020, all of humanity has succumed to an incurable disease spread by fungi. Only a few animals and insects managed to form resistance, and now they have turned on each other senslessly from
a violent side effect of being resistant to the new disease. You, a tree chomping catipillar seem to be immune to both the disease and it's psychotic side effects, and are forced to live in a violent world
where every living thing wants to kill you! You must survive and find out why you are the only one left with your sanity, and find the cure to save what little life is left on Earth. Armed only with your chompers and your poisonous silk spinning defense mechanism you must make a perilous journey through the micro forest world and confront the source of putrid psychotic senselessness! Fight enemies and find your destiny on Territory Earth!! Along the way our Hero meets his only alli, a talking Jimson weed plant that decides to help him with healing and information. There are 3 main bosses in the game, and it rains the blood of the fallen almost constantly.

You can download the original game .exe for windows HERE. Note that for the game to be tested by the voters I left a cheat code enabling all monsters to be instantly defeated by pressing SPACE. (You can still be killed by mushroom spores tho so don't stand under them. The upcoming game will be quite a bit different and not include any cheat codes. You can also check out more games, apps, a GMS dev tool, videos and compaany news HERE ON MY WEBSITE

-------------------------SPOILER ALERT!--------------------------

Below is a few screen shots of the game in it's current state, and 2 videos, one showing the mirror room with the player character in his pre morph state, and the second video showing his transformation into adulthood

Opening screen in Territory Earth

Our hero, a slime, and an evil fungi

Our hero meets an ally

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