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In this update, we'll be showing off some of the UI to come out of Graphic Design: our Heads-Up Display (HUD), Loading Screen and Game Over screen. Just some odds and ends before we show the much more significant UI changes we've done!

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Game Over: Odds & Ends

Hello again. We have another update for you, this one taking a look at some of the work our graphic design team has been working on. Today's content features work by Elijah - the head Graphic Designer - and Melody.


First up, we have our HUD by Melody Evans. You will find this in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will display your Health in Red and Stamina in Blue. There's also a mysterious circular gauge, which is something we'll cover in a future update.


Here we have an example of a loading screen, courtesy of Elijah Hieber. Loading screens will feature art and illustrations. Most of it will be in-universe paintings, such as the one seen here (created by Amanda Starlein, who you may remember from our concept art update). This particular painting depicts the triumph of Astýran (now King of Thenodar) over the Helrúna, a monstrous beast that terrorized the city of Vaseb. The text describing this is also from an in-game text.

Here we have the screen you will see upon death. Again, quotes will come from in-universe text, such as this Scripture quote.

As always stay tuned. There are more updates coming!


I noticed there's no magic bar. How are you going to manage that aspect of the game? What kind of energy does spellcasting require and what are its mechanics? Glad to see you updating so often, btw. I love the loading screen design and the writing font. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see this game released!

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Blood! jk, I'm not on the team and don't know how they'll make magic work and just thought it'd be funny to say that. Although it would be consistent with some of the earlier ideas for this game? I think magic was intended to be quite rare in Althas kind of like it is in the Lord of the Rings or A Song of Ice and Fire?

Anyway, my thoughts regarding the article (since I don't want make a separate post), I'm not too sure about the text font that's being used for the in game writing. Maybe it'll be more readable once I get in game but generally I don't like fonts that get too crazy as they can be a bit annoying to read. For instance I'm not sure if it's Helruna or Delruna in the second sentence in the loading screen.

Also in universe paintings sound awesome and if we can have a player home I really want to buy/collect them and put them up on the walls like in the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3.

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