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This is a short project developed in under a week by HellBound Studios! Read for more info!

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Hey everyone, it's Jason!
Today I release Game Of Pure Rage! This game was made by me as Hellbound Studios in under a week. I am here to give a brief description of the game.

GOPR is a 2D arcade-styled game where the only objective is to get to the next level. As you move on, the game gets much more difficult. VERY Difficult! There are a total of 20 levels, and a few easter eggs to search for as well! The game also has it's own custom background music! Can you complete each level by yourself? If not, there is also a same-computer co-op mode to go for as well! Tackle the tough challenges with a friend! The game itself, such as graphics and gameplay, are quite basic and you may even say a bit boring. But the challenges you must go through are probably worth your while! Here are a few images to show what to expect...

New Title Screen!

Updated the Wall graphics!

Updated the Wall graphics!

GOPR Early Screenshot

So these are just a few screenshots in-game of what it looks like.
If you read this now and you think "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED", then download it today! It is free and the download file is quite small!

Game Of Pure Rage

So I hope you enjoy this game! If so, track Hellbound Studios and check out our other projects!

Hellbound Studios

I hope you enjoy the game!
ONE LAST NOTE FOR YOUTUBERS- We allow you to play and monetize this game on YouTube! Post a link in the comments if you want! We would love to check it out!

Well, that'll be it for this game. Stay awesome!

~~~Jason The Gamer (N3rdVLOG)

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