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Damn. This has to be the biggest update we have had so far - You won't believe what we have in store for you.

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What Is Game Of Engines?
Game of Engines is an application that allows you to make amazing 2D games with little to no programming knowledge or art skills. We aim to create a piece of software that will one day allow us to one day resume development on our once dead game and finally be able to release it to the public. As a matter of fact, one of the many reasons we decided to create our own tools was so we didn't have to deal with the closed source nature of engines such as: Game Maker, Unity, Hero Engine, RPG Maker, Ect. We could make our game the way we wanted without any setbacks.

What's New In 1.3?
Damn. Where to begin - Here are just a few of the changes we have made:

  • Syntax Highlighting - That's right. Our in-house file editor now has Lua Syntax Highlighting so you can develop more efficiently from within the Toolkit.
  • ReDesigned Sprites - We have swapped the old Sprite system with a new Object System that allows you to more easily manage and edit your characters, platforms, ect.
  • Solidity Toggle - This one has been a long time coming. Simply un-tick the checkbox and all your Solid Overlays will vanish making your level look fantastic.
  • Window Updates - I've also made some small changes to the Toolkit internals. Basically, I have changed all of the V1.2's the 1.3's!
  • Object Loader Added - Now that we have replaces Sprite's, we need a way to load them. So I have added a new Object Loader that will load your map objects twice as fast as the old one.
  • Map Details - You can now view your Tile Positions for each map by simply viewing it in the File Editor.
  • Fixed Map Creation - No more crashes when trying to create a new map for your game. It is now faster than ever and more effectively transfers your files over during runtime.
  • New Error System - We have added a new Error System that will pop up and tell you the correct way of doing things.
  • Hierarchy Update - The new Object Hierarchy Update function allows us to delete old sprites from your screen so you no longer have any ghosts on the map. The best part is, this is all done in Real Time.
  • Object Creation - We have a new dialog for creating Objects that is more flexible than the older Sprite Creation dialog as you can now deal with textures from the Toolkit as oppose to messing around with them in Lua.
  • Sheet Update - No more crashes when deleting or adding sheets.
  • Create Lua Scripts - I am glad to have finally finished this feature. It allows you to create new Lua Scripts from the Toolkit without having to open up an external editor.
  • Animations - We now have animations in the Engine so you can make your sprites move around and look actually useful.
  • Object Textures - I have managed to fix A LOT of bugs within Object Textures so you now don't have to worry about any ugly dump rendering.
  • Pre-Defined Controller - Attach this to any Object so you can control it with W,A,S and D
  • Physics Done - We have finished up the Physics for Windows and Mac. I am certainly up for making a platformer in the near future. Perhaps I will re-create a level from Super Mario Brothers (That was a joke to gyrovorbis by the way)
  • Much, Much More - There is so much s*** to show that I am going to talk about it more in the Dev Log's or in a future update so keep an eye out for that.

Hell Yeah!

What Platforms Are Supported?
The Toolkit can run on Windows, Mac or Linux.
The Engine can run on Windows, Mac, Vita (Mine's Broke), DS (Working Well), Dreamcast(Screenshots coming very soon) and will soon run on iPhone, iPad and iPod when I get round to it.

When Do You Plan To Begin Work On The Next Version?
As soon as I finish this bottle of Mountain Dew!

Thanks For Reading,

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