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Just changed our page so here is all the game info that got deleted from it.

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Our lead developer Cory is in really bad shape. He has fallen behind on bills and so far has over $5000 in medical related debt. Please donate or share if you can, it would mean the world to him. Gofundme.com The sooner he fully recovers, the sooner we can all get back to working on Project Vahaos and our youth workshops!

The time had come for the gods to stop. It had been 35 years since the sapiens were able to use magic. No one knows where the power came from. The gods hunted all those who used it, and as a result, the power of the sapiens was greatly diminished. From those who remained, warlords rose to power and banded together to form an alliance. They set sights on the great Holy City in the land of Vahaos. As they descended upon it, the great god Sol arrived in battle to protect the people of Vahaos. The battle was fierce and much precious blood was spent. In the end, the god Sol was cast out and the warlords prevailed. While the true story about what happened is disputed, the legends live on through those who experienced it. One thing is for certain: the great Sol has no longer been seen in the lands of Vahaos. As the years passed, dark things crept out from the hidden places of the world, and with it, the evil magic that ruled them. Fear entered the hearts of those who remained in Vahaos. It was time for the rightful emperor to return.
This game will feature a massive open world. Throughout this land will be many dungeons and enemies. The continent is infested with many different types of foul beasts, intent on ruining the land even more. The environment will range from towering mountains and unforgiving deserts to vast oceans and fertile forests along with sprawling plains. The game itself will follow more than five hundred different major quests, and nearly twice as many in side quests. We will also be implementing a unique magic system. This system will involve a few different base powers, such as fire, frost, lightning, healing, health drain, etc. These simple powers can be combined using dual wielding to create powerful combos, such as frost and lightning which will create a small blizzard storm around the target. If you do not like magic and prefer to fight with real weapons, you are also in luck. The game will include many different types of medieval weaponry, such as swords, knives, axes, staffs, maces, war hammers, and bows, each with different types. When attacking or defending an enemy fortress, the player will also be able to make use of catapults, trebuchets, and belfries. Along with weaponry, there will also be various types of armor.
This game aims to produce a completely new style of gameplay, mixing the classic Hack 'n' Slash theme with a more strategic Real Time Strategy form of play. The player will be able to explore the land, ridding it of the vile creatures that now live there, such as wolves, dragons, demons, and other beasts. Along with that, the player will be able to command his armies in the war against the fifty warlords. He/she will be able to open a map that details the area around them and the exact location of the allied and enemy armies. The player will also be able to command his/her forces to complete strategic maneuvers to destroy the enemy, such as flanks and charges, using a variety of different attacks. This strategy-based type of gameplay will allow the player to be more in control of the outcome of the battle, while also taking part as a soldier within them. This system will appeal to both those who like strategy, and those who prefer to kill their enemies themselves. Even if you are not commanding your soldiers, they will still attack the enemies and fight towards the current objective. Also, the number of deaths in war will directly affect the number of soldiers you have throughout the game. Classes

Classes will determine your skill set and which moves you can perform. They will give you damage bonuses with certain kinds of weapons. You will also be able to unlock special classes by training
in multiple classes, you will be able to mix your different skill sets. This will be an extensive, massive class system that will be both fun and versatile in which skills you can choose.

Some Classes we have established thus far:

The squire is the basic sword fighter. Though they can use most weapons, they specialize in sword play. Most of their moves are slashes or the occasional parry. This class is the beginning point for those who seek to become warriors. Squires are also limited to medium armor until unlocking more advanced classes.

Apprentice Mage:
The apprentice mage is the basic magic class. Training with the staff, they can unleash a variety of
spells that will aid in defeating a single target fast and effective. As you train an apprentice, you will be able to unlock different cast stances. These will improve and allow you to choose your style of combat.

The monk is specialized in the art of physical combat. They forsake weapons in order to learn the ability to punish foes with varieties of physical damage while also being able to dodge counter attacks. As they train, some will unlock the ability to use exotic weapons.

The thief class focuses on being agile and charming. They lower
opponent's guard and charm them into giving you more information or other favors. Perhaps people will be convinced to let them into their houses so that the thief may plunder. In battle, they are good at employing distractions like smoke bombs and may steal an opponent's gear. Later on, they become able to use more deadly and offensive tactics like poison gas etc.

The healer is the basic healing class that specializes in healing magic. Initially, they have single
target healing spells and defensive spells. As time goes on, they will unlock many stances and powerful spells to both aid in battle and buff their other team mates.

The minion is a class that explores the darker side of magic. As they delve deeper into the darkness, they will unlock debuff spells and dark spells to both damage the opponent and buff themselves.

The druid is a class that focuses on nature magic. They are able to have nature help with rooting single targets. After training, they will be able to summon plants and animals to assist in battle.

The psychic class has strong minds and unlocks parts of the brain left unused normally. They have
powerful spells with push and pull. They also have the ability to enhance their own personal strength and to produce various shields for their team.

Challenge Area

The Challenge Area is where the greatest warriors come to test their true might in search of vast treasure, rare beasts, and absolute power.

So what is the Challenge Area? It is an arena in which only the mightiest warriors may compete. Either alone or alongside a party, they forge forward into unknown dangers. Unaided or with friends, the hazards are great and only true warriors will succeed.

The Challenge Area currently is planned to feature powerful beasts that require monumental effort to defeat. For every rare creature taken down, you may acquire a token which is exchanged for items ,money, or even soul power.

The Challenge Area will allow your friends to assist you in battles to ascend the leaderboards for quickest victory.

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