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Small errors there and here. Working on a playable demo. The Story so far.

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I've been working on small bugs in the game of late. Nothing major, just minor bugs.

The game is playable right now. You can control your ships, attack other vessels, mine asteroids, loot ships, mod your ship and do simple trade with space stations. But the story is missing. The drive to play is missing. So right now I'm creating a level where you get the first part of the story.

The setting for the game is that humans have started to explore the universe. To do that they build great constructs to create and bind wormholes between solar systems. A construct would be built, wormhole created and it would randomly connect itself to another solar system. Gravitational pull and some fancy science causes the connection (I'm a programmer not a astrophysicist).
Over a few centuries many solar systems were connected together and colonized. Space stations and habitats on asteroids, moons and planets were built and everything was great.
Then disaster struck, a rapture.
The wormhole constructs broke down for unknown reason. Causing massive damage in their solar systems. They sent massive waves of energy through the solar system they were in, destroying or damaging everything in their path.
All the solar systems are cut off from each other and any attempt to approach the damaged wormhole constructs would end in disaster. At random intervals the wormhole constructs send out waves of energy into the solar systems, causing havoc and damage to anything unprotected. Life is tough, food is scarce, technology is hoarded, pirates attack ships and stations, raiding an pillaging.

You start your game about 60 years after the rapture. You own a spaceship you use for various tasks, a Jack of all trades. You've been struggling of late to survive, taking the odd jobs here and there. You were lucky to be hired to help with the exploration of small batch of a asteroid field. In the asteroid field pirates lurk in wait, forgotten technology can be found, asteroids to be mined and great riches to be found.

I will try the post updates on regular bases.

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