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I'm a new game developer who is searching to create a small community to get feedbacks on my game!

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Hello everyone!

To make a short story, I learned c++ last summer and I’m currently working on a game since September (Mage War Online – MWO). It will be a new type of MMORPG with new systems which are not necessary focusing on late game. The “level up” experience will be enhanced. I’ve managed to work on it around 10 to 20 hours a week, since I’m going to school. I started a new page on facebook to show the development of my game and to create a small community. I’m also looking to get some feedbacks on my work so far and ideas to improve my game. I created a video (5minutes length) to present the basis of my game. If anyone is interested in supporting me and giving me ideas, go check out my page on facebook Mage War Online! Keep in mind that I’ve been working on my game for 2 months now, so I’m not trying to advertise my game in anyway, I just want to gather up a community and get some cheers! I will also give access to my game for further tests soon, depending on how the development goes. If you have any question about my game or the development of it, feel free to ask it in comments!

Have a great day,


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