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Credits and team developer, What about the gameplay, and more...

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-Base gameplay:
We manage our own army of warriors that are prepared to fight with
honor agains the "souls" that are threatening our nations.
Those warriors are commanded as a ROL army, you need to entagle your
strategy skills to weaponize your own people to win this war.
Level environments, items, legendary artifacts, monsters, magic skills,
"secret" unlockables, and also, and non less important, dragons...
these are some stuff you will find in this epic adventure.

-Team developer:
Mad-ju productions.
Derwin Castillo as D-jinn.
-Graphic artist:
Derwin Castillo as D-jinn.
-Music composers:
Jubert Perez as Mad-ju.
Derwin Castillo as D-jinn.
-Story book:
Derwin Castillo as D-jinn.
Deivin Castillo as DNOBY.

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