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Hey everyone! Today I'll show you the game controls!

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Hey everyone! Today I'll show you the game controls!

As you can see below, they are quite simple:


The commands are purposely intuitive, so everyone can play easily. Even that friend who comes from nowhere in your home and asks "hey I wanna try, how do I play?".

But don't confuse easy commands with easy game and remember that Super Meat Boy and I Wanna Be The Guy are some inspirations.

So, press (A) to jump, you can also hold Down + (A) to go downstairs.


Press (X) to attack. You can do it crouched as well. Each weapon has its own peculiarity, simply press and see what happens. Some weapons have charge power so be alert to the possibility. Also, some items aren't storable and can be used only at the time.


Press (B) to dodge. While dodging, you are immortal, but you need to use it at the right time or it will be useless. When the dodge is well done, something happens, but I haven't implemented this yet (suspense). You can hold Down + (B) to dodge down.


I'm still developing this one, the ground pound movement! The ground pound doesn't kill enemies, but only breaks things. To make a ground pound, press (A) to jump + (B) on air.


The (Y) button shows you some info, like your current weapon/item, the boss's life and other HUD stuff.

With LB/LT and RB/RT you change weapons to left and right, respectively.

Aannnnd that's it guys, these are the default controls. Anyway I may implement a control settings screen in the future, allowing the player to place the buttons he wants, either the keyboard or gamepad.

I'll take the opportunity to say I'm restructuring all the code and, yeah, it's something that will take time but it will be worth! As soon as I finish, I'll start the artificial intelligence of enemies. So some cool things will start to happen!

I hope you like it so far, let's keep going! Cya!

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