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Our game Composer will be Chris Christodoulou, from the awesome OST of Risk of Rain! We also would like to announce that our game is on steam concepts and you can follow it there. Also, our kickstarter will be on May 3! New Concepts and New Stage Included.

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We're happy to announce that the spartan composer Chris Christodoulou, the same composer from the awesome game Risk of Rain will be making the OST of our game!

sound kop

Here is some sample of his music:


Chris Christodoulou Avatar


We've also launched our game on Steam concepts, come take a look:



We also woul'd like to tell that our game will launch on Kickstarter on May 3.

ks pre

You can follow it here: Towerofsamsara.com

You can bookmark this link and, when the time comes, it will redirect to the Kickstarter page itself.

Moreover we also have some new Concept art of the game to show:

kop avata smr

Kopper - In game Avatar

And a new stage WIP - Mars:


This is Mars, the realm of men.

And of course, more screens of the finished first stage, Pluto, Realm of the Hungry Ghosts:



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