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Why does the HPL2 hate me? Seems like I found a game breaking crash!

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Well it seems that I have come across to the infamous blackbox error. Oh how we hate these. So this is how the error works out. This is all basicly a "to next level" crash bug thing.

Every other level door with in the same level works just fine with out any problems except for a certain one.
So here is a little guide of how the game will do a fatal crash (something went wrong crash)

Enter level door > the next "levelB" loads fine > go back to the previous "levelA" > the level loads just fine > now go back inside "levelB" again. = "Something went wrong!!!!"

Keep in mind that "levelB" is a 8 MB file and "levelA" is a 1 MB file. You would think LevelB would be the one that is crashing but nope, LevelA is. And every other door that is linked to LevelA and LevelB loads in and out just fine all for except this particular level door. So here is the BlackBox error name.

Exception_Access_Violation in module Amnesia.exe at 0023: 005EEC30.

I know for a fact it is not the scripts.
Also one last thing, there is no Stack Trace what so ever either.

If anybody can help me out on this that would be vary much thoughtful.

I will still work on other area levels that actually work.

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