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Galaxy Life: Unity is a port of the flash game to Unity.

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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= INDIEDB NEWS !

Welcome guys, I'm Vooxo ! I was able to recover some sprites from the game to do it all over again with Unity. Why?

  1. First, Adobe decided to destroy Flash Player which is not optimized unlike Webgl.
  2. Second, allow me to fix bugs on a game engine that I feel most comfortable with.
  3. Third, My goal is not to destroy any project either with Galaxy Life Reborn, Universe Life, or other... I repeat the game in Standalone (in software format).
  4. Fourth, GLU will improve at the pace it can so be lenient. Because I have to do **all**. Be it Server, Game, Database.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= GAMES

The game is moving forward a lot, I am managing the tiles so that you can build, so that your base is generated.. The same plantations. I also manage sockets to the server so that it records all your actions to ban cheaters via moderators.

The scripts will start when I have set up the GUI/UI in the game (at least I would just have to finish the scripts for me to run the game)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= FINISH !

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