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When a player is creating a new game in Galactic Usurper, we need the ability to generate a randomized galaxy to play in. The client now has 6 different ways to generate a field of star systems (and a 7th one that does a random selection of the other 6).

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As part of the "Create Game" logic, we need to generate a randomized galaxy to play the game in. The initial version of Galactic Usurper had this happen on the server side, but we decided that people would want to "play with" the generators a lot. To allow this without bogging down the servers we decided that offloading it to the client seemed like a good idea.

Therefore, we spent some time porting our old generation code from Java (what our back end is written in) to C# and getting it to run in Unity3d. Then we added a game creation screen to show off the various generators.

I've only got 7 generators at the moment (links go to pictures of the results):

All the generators back down to the "star field" generation logic if they try to place a star in the same place as an existing star (or if it tries to place a star off the boundaries of the galaxy!) Therefore, you'll see a randomized pattern of stars filling in space along with the primary generation.

Enjoy playing with these at Galacticusurper.com

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