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Galactic Usurper now boasts a game selection screen so you can select a game to play. You can also create a game based on the previously created generators now.

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We've managed to hit our next major milestone for the client. We now have a "Game Selection" screen:

Galactic Usurper Game Selection Screen

It lets you do the following actions:

  • Join Public Game - Will find a public game that needs players (and that you aren't already in). If there is no public game, it will create a new one and put you into it.
  • Create Game - This brings up the old "Galaxy Generation" screen, with a new twist. You can now press "Create Game" on that screen to actually create a live game using your generated galaxy!
  • Play Game - This brings up a new screen that shows you a very simple texture of the galaxy of the game you selected. This will eventually become the "in-game" screen after a few more iterations.

As always, you can find the latest version of the client here: Galacticusurper.com

I hope you enjoy playing with the screens. I'm still learning about Unity3d's GUI system, so I know there are a few pieces of overlaid text and whatnot. I'll be working on getting the layouts to work much better as I progress.

From here, I've got the following things I want to concentrate on:

  • Updated Login Flow - I want to make it multiple account aware and have a better flow.
  • Updated Create Game Wizard - You shouldn't only be able to create the galaxy, but also set the other parameters for a game (including it's name - no more GALAXY )
  • Generate the rest of the game state. Right now, the server isn't doing it's part to populate the galaxy with fun stuff to do.
  • Interactive Galaxy Map. The meat and potatoes of the entire "in-game" project.
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