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Post news RSS Galactic Crew II Dev Log: Improving colony rooms

Today's dev log previews the changes and addition of three rooms you can build in your colonies. These changes and additions are part of the upcoming "Economy & Colonization" update.

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While the Closed Alpha of Galactic Crew 2 runs successfully, I am continuing the development of the upcoming "Economy & Colonization" update. This update will be released in mid-march and feature massive improvements and extensions to the current game! In the upcoming weeks, I will preview some of its features.

Today, I want to talk about three rooms you can build on any colony: Botanical garden, ore storage room and solar array.

Botanical garden

Botanical garden

The botanical garden is a room you already know from your space journeys. The room is currently buildable, but it has no effect on your colony. The upcoming update will change that. Every round, each botanical garden will produce four units of food that will be stored in the storage rooms in the colony.

This makes colonies a great way to refresh your ship's supplies, if you place the colonies strategically throughout the galaxy!

Solar array

Solar Array

The solar array is another room that you can already build, but currently has no effect. With the upcoming update, each solar array produces 32 units of energy while each floor tile consumes one energy. Every resource-producing room (like botanical gardens) only produce goods, if you have sufficient energy in your colony!

Ore storage room

Ore storage room

The ore storage room is one of the new rooms that will be added to the game with the upcoming update. While the normal storage room can store any kind of resources, the ore storage room has a much larger storage capacity, but it is only able to store ores like metal ore. This room comes in handy, if you gather large quantities of ores. How you can do that? You will learn that very soon.

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