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Post news RSS Galactic Crew II Dev Log: "Economy & Colonization" update is now live!

The long-awaited update "Economy & Colonization" for the Galactic Crew II beta is now available!

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Dear players,

The first major content update of Galactic Crew II "Economy & Colonization" now live and available to anyone having access to the Beta version of the game! All features were already explained in previous dev logs, but here is a summary of all the things that are new or improved!

Forest planet

Tutorial added

The first major addition to the game is a Tutorial that will teach you the fundamental mechanics of the game and give you an introduction into space battles, crew management, navigation and operations. It takes you by the hand and guides you through everything step by step. Any veterans of Galactic Crew 1 won't learn much new, but it will help any new Galactic Crew members.

Tutorial 3

Creating new games

  • The category "Background" was renamed to "Profession".
  • There is a new profession for you to choose: the scientist. She has similar abilities as an engineer, but she isn't able to build colonies or salvage wrecks. Instead, she can use her skills to search for resource deposits on planets that can be mined by your drones while you are exploring the outer space.
  • A new role has also been added: the colonist. If you play as a colonist, you start with a large amount of construction materials that will come in handy when you build your first colony. You won't generate any threat and you will gain additional experience when doing any task on a planet! The ideal role for any aspiring colonist!
  • The first story line has been added to the game! It will not only offer you several paths to become rich, but it will also introduce you to planetary colonization and managing trade routes!

2   Scientists

Colonies & trade routes

  • The command center now has two terminals that can be used by your officers to plan trade routes or prospect for resources.
  • You can also send your crewmen to the workshop in which you now can craft a vast variety of resources and items.
  • Each botanical garden now produces four units of food each round.
  • The ore storage room is a specialized storage room. It has a way larger capacity than the normal storage room, but it can only store ores.
  • Each solar array now generates 32 units of energy while each floor tile uses 1 energy. Rooms can only work if your energy level is high enough to operate your base!
  • The drone bay was added as a new room. Each drone bay comes with two mining drones that will mine any ore deposit you found with your scientists on the planet while you are out in galaxy. The quality of the ore deposit determines how successful the drones are.
  • The landing pad is also a new room that enables your officers to create galactic trade routes. Each landing pad unlocks a slot for a new trade route.


Further improvements

  • There are new quests and spaceships you can salvage while exploring space.
  • Each station on your spaceship and your colonies that can be manned is now symbolized with a white icon. If the station is manned, the color switches to green. This gives a better indication on how efficient your spaceship operates.
  • There are now three new filter buttons that can be used to filter the things that are displayed on the galactic map like trade routes, outposts and missions.
  • It now way faster to build new rooms on large colonies.
  • Generating new planets is now way faster than before thanks to smart caching of re-useable information.
  • The galactic map now shows the description of the mission for each planet that has a mission location if you move your mouse over it.
  • Several improvements have been to the Tech Tree to ensure that new achievements are unlocked properly.

Galactic Crew 2 19 02 2021 22 40

Bug Fixes

  • It could happen that crew members still had the icon from the previously manned spaceship station above their head after teleporting on a planet.
  • The crafting dialog showed the wrong icon for fusion elements.
  • Removed potential crash source when updating the minimap in dungeons.
  • When a floor could not be destroyed because of an adjacent door, a wrong error text was displayed.
  • When a room could not be built because it was outside the valid construction area, a wrong error text was displayed.
  • You could harvest the lettuce in the botanical gardens in colonies.
  • The experience bonus from the Necklace of Wisdom wasn't properly used when calculating the experience gain for a character.
  • Removed potential crash source when spawning the crew too close to an enemy.
  • Mission progress for bounty missions wasn't saved.
  • After jumping out of a combat, the game could lag when moving the camera.
  • Removed issue when animating the laser beams of mining drones.
  • One could lose the game when jumping to a new sector with a full inventory.
  • After killing a crew member on a planet, the crew overview in the main window wasn't properly updated.
  • Some user interface elements were not properly updated after resizing the screen resolution or toggling between fullscreen or windowed mode.
  • The list of game settings were collapsed by default.
  • You could build rooms into enemies.
  • After removing all tiles of an outpost, the planet was still considered as colonized and it was not possible to build new rooms on this planet.
  • Crew members could walk through the doors of your colonies.
  • If you built several solar arrays next to each other, only one of them was displayed.
  • Resolved an issue with overlapping user interface controls on space stations with an active route when changing the screen resolution.
  • After destroying an enemy vessels, tool-tips of achievements were not properly updated.
  • The probability of quests was not evenly distributed.
  • When an engineer got experience using mining drones to mine asteroids, opening the crew overview could cause glitches.
  • Removed possible miscalculations in the pathfinding algorithm.
  • The button to trade with random merchant encounters in space was misplaced.
  • Solved a typo in a quest description.
  • The achievement to mine 100 ores was not properly updated.
  • You could talk to dead NPCs on planets.
  • When settling on a planet with a recruitable NPC, you could recruit this NPC at any time you visited the planet.

Space Station

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