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Galactic Armory 1.9.1b is now available! This release ensures full compatiblity with Star Ruler, fixes numerous bugs and adds many new high-quality planet textures as well as other features.

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A beta release? That's a first.

Yes, you've read that right - this is indeed our first public release of a beta version. This does not mean that 1.9.1 is necessarily unstable. We do, however, admit that there may still be some issues and/or overlooked bugs. We did not want to delay the release of a version that's playable on SR any longer, so please enjoy the mod and report any issues you find in the official SR forum thread.

Shiny things for your desktop

In addition to the latest full release of Galactic Armory, we'd like to present you a small collection of wallpapers containing original artwork created by our extremely talented 2D artist, balancesheet.

Download links:
Download @Mod DB
Download @mediafire


[Compatibility] Star Ruler
[Added] Adv Parts Usage Hint added to Adv Parts Fab
[Added] Ore Usage Hint added to Metal Fab
[Added] Power and Control Hints to All Orbital Industry Subsystems
[Added] Metal Cost to Ammo Producer to work with the global metal usage stat
[Added] He3 Usage Hint to Heliocide hull
[Added] He3 Harvesting (non local) Rate to He3 Harvester
[Added] H3FuelCost to Layout Stats to represent overall He3 use per second for refinery subsystems
[Added] RegenCost Hint for Metal Used from GB during Repairs, Added to Stats Info and Relevant Subsystems
[Added] Reverse Inductor will not work unless both ships have power storage, added warning to represent this and Tag to the Power Vamp
[Added] Remnant System Manager to Special Systems with Remnants
[Added] Race Names and Race Descriptions to personality files
[Added] XML Reader to read in those Names and Descriptions
[Added] Function in Personality Initialization to set the read in description/name to the RaceName / RaceDescription
[Added] Ability to import Blueprints from different folders.
[Added] layout_import.as for use with Blueprint Folders, implemented different folder usage.
[Added] Remnant System Manager to Special Systems with Remnants
[Added] Diplomacy Files for Feature Improvement
[Added] Alpha Mutal Defence / Alliance Treaty Clause
[Added] Missing basic fighter design for Defender AI personality
[Added] Planet Type to Mouseover
[Added] New Planet Textures and Types
[Added] Missing Self Healing on special system stars.
[Added] Initialization prints for error checking.
[Added] GA_gui_lib.as for general functions
[Added] find function for strings in a string array
[Added] New Treaty Locales
[Added] Declare War On Treaty
[Added] Planet Type Mouseover locales.
[Added] Assault Cannon subsystem
[Added] Planet Type Checking for Ship Building
[Added] New Planet Sprites
[Added] System Window to GUI Files to work with new planet sprites
[Added] Recycle percentage for Fuel and Ammo
[Balance] Halved Gatling Turrent clip size and base delay
[Balance] Increased Pulsed Laser Damage per Shot by 50%
[Balance] Changed Mindsapper and Reverse Inductor calculation to new base game formulas
[Changed] Increase Pre Order Grouping for Layout Hints to 6
[Changed] Set All Orbital Industry Hints to Order 6 on Layout Stats
[Changed] Balanced All Orbital Industry Subsystems to Use Power and Control in a similar manner
[Changed] Metal / He3 Harvester to Add to the Global Metal/He3 Usage Hints.
[Changed] MetalUsage hint to read Metal Peak Usage/sec
[Changed] Updated The Layout Warning to use H3Usage instead of H3perShot
[Changed] He3 and Ammo Producer to use static costs of 2 and 0.5 respectively
[Changed] He3 Used Per Second on Helium Harvester to reflect new Cost
[Changed] Metal User for Ammo per Second on the Ammo Producer to reflect new Cost
[Changed] Rate Formula on Ammo and He3 Ref/Prod to use the new Res Base and Res Gen formulas
[Changed] Updated He3 Usage Hint to read: He3 Peak Usage per second
[Changed] Hint for He3 Usage from FuelH3Cost to H3Usage
[Changed] Decreased the header size for the accordian in layout win.
[Changed] Improved the hints for the Orbital Helium Refinery Subsystem - Power, Helium Cost, FuelUse have all been added
[Changed] When saving a blueprint the default is no longer to clear the view, holding shift will now clear
[Changed] On the Layout Editor, the default is now for Text Only instead of Text and Icons.
[Changed] Layout Window is now larger for larger resolutions and defaults to Icons and Texts, Smaller for lower resolutions and defaults to text only
[Changed] Increased the number of stat groups and reordered stats
[Changed] Remnant AI setting now only triggers attack waves, remnants by default will level and have variable defensive spawns.
[Changed] Minute refernence back to a 60.f
[Changed] Orbital Industry now uses getResStatus instead of rf_res
[Changed] Defenses now have a cap per planet dependant on slots and game time.
[Changed] Military Block to 12 minutes
[Changed] Erudite AI will not research links for the first 30 minutes
[Changed] Haulers will not be built unless the bank resources are low and an hour has passed
[Changed] Moved Metal Orbital Miner to the bottom of the check list
[Changed] Defense Fighters and Stations no longer require all planets to be fully developed to build
[Changed] Defenses are no longer governed by offensive context
[Changed] Fleet Building now just needs resources to be successfully built, Mil Block and Entire System Developed no longer are required
[Changed] Increased layout window minimum size by 50px
[Changed] Removed overpowered AI traits, reduced down to basic economic helping traits
[Changed] AIs get Level 1 Computers and Beam weapons to help reduce research downtime for orbital industry when all techs are not unlocked.
[Changed] Timeless warning to reflect only End All Treaties will remove them now.
[Changed] Peace Treaties can now be ended via an End All Treaty
[Changed] Lava Planets now only spawn very close to stars, not randomly on both map types
[Changed] Streamlined the planet type checking in map generation by using beginsWith instead of checking each type fully
[Changed] Increased temp for lava planets to spawn for Vanilla Map Gen
[Changed] Lava Planets need to be even hotter to spawn
[Changed] Finalized folder management window for Blueprints
[Changed] Replaced several stock planet textures
[Changed] find(string arr, string) to findString(...)
[Changed] Planet Type Mouseover to use Locales
[Changed] Increased bracket for desert planets to spawn for both map types
[Changed] Twin weapon delay formula so that delay between shots of the same burst is taken into account (DPS is now exactly the same as single-barrel version)
[Changed] firstTick boolean to startTick for 1.2 compatibility
[Changed] Removed diplomacy changes in Erudite AI
[Changed] Main Menu only allows tech starting ranges from 1 not from 0
[Changed] Shield Shader now works on a 25/100 split for when not under attack / under attack
[Changed] Shield Shader now doesn't change depending on the distance the camera is from the object
[Changed] Updated all GUI windows to use planet_icons_new
[Changed] Updated Boarding Script for 1.2 vanilla changes
[Changed] Reorganized planet_textures.txt
[Changed] Various planet condition tags
[Changed] Optimized various planet lightmaps
[Changed] Unlocked all personalities
[Changed] Personality Layout Orders and Unlocks
[Changed] Syntax is GABasicEffects.as
[Fixed] Mining Laser used MetalUsage, changed to OreUsage
[Fixed] Wrong Electronics Cost Hint Name
[Fixed] Missing ElecsCost Hint in layout_stats.as
[Fixed] Hiigaran Model for Gargantuan Hull was missing from the model definition file
[Fixed] Wrong Hint for Shot Damage was using the old Local/Alpha instead of Alpha
[Fixed] Missing Clip Hints for Clip weapons
[Fixed] Clip Weapon tag for Weapons that were not clip weapons
[Fixed] Shader was still looking for Time Variable from old power display, has been removed
[Fixed] Broken Auto Jump Drive usage.
[Fixed] Remote chance for a divide by zero if remnant seeding has an issue
[Fixed] ClipWeapon hints being on a seperate line breaking them
[Fixed] Potential Divide by Zero on Boarding if a Ship's Shields\Shield Armor have been destroyed but it still has the state.
[Fixed] Missed broken hints.
[Fixed] Conversion of double to float in boarding changes
[Fixed] Extra power hint on orbital industry.
[Fixed] Defender fighter line being reliant on the human default design.
[Fixed] Various blueprint syntax errors for personalities and reformatted hte files
[Fixed] Missed broken hints.
[Fixed] Conversion of double to float in boarding changes
[Fixed] missing class identifier for getResStatus change.
[Fixed] 1 impact point error
[Fixed] High-Density Fuel Storage could only store the same amount of fuel as regular fuel cells
[Fixed] Wrong object handle for star effects in special and remnant systems.
[Fixed] Error if the XML file didn't exist default folder didn't get created.
[Fixed] Issue with min height not being initialized and making the window infinite.
[Fixed] Regular and Heavy Railgun / Twin Railgun variants had incorrect amount of HP
[Fixed] Twin weapon total delay formula to take burst size into account correctly
[Fixed] wrong operator type
[Fixed] Missing String Const
[Fixed] Uninitialized variables
[Fixed] Missing Hook on Shield Shader
[Fixed] Solar Power always being max
[Fixed] Advanced Parts Locale was wrong
[Fixed] Research requirements for Planetary Thrusters were 1 tech level less than indicated by hint
[Fixed] Added missing specular maps to Homeworld 2 shipsets
[Removed] Extra AmmoMetalCost Stat from all subsystems
[Removed] Extra Local/H3Usage Stat from all subsystems
[Removed] H3PerShot Stat from all subsystems
[Removed] Obsolete parts of the Erudite AI
[Removed] Obsolete AutoGov resource
[Removed] Old Variables for AutoGov from planet
[Removed] Extra Control Hints for Orbital Industry.
[Removed] Unneeded setAllied on WarClause
[Removed] Advanced Diplomacy Options
[Removed] Swampfox's personalities.
[Removed] Unneeded Layouts and Personalities

Download locations:
Download at ModDB: Download
Download Galactic Armory 1.9.1b for SR at mediafire: Download
Desura Digital Distribution


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(little bugrep) GA 1.9b crash when i try to set more then 4k star systems or later in the game with c++ runtime error/ ships disapears when i try to zoom in ......but is a great mod guys love to play it :)

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Can someone help me out here..... i am new to this game and just downloaded the mod - why can i not build ships when starting a new game - i have changed the upper limit to 100000 and started on tech 3 - built space ports - but cannot build any ships;.. any ideas?

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