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This week we're here to shed some light on the enemies of our game and a little visual effect for the special attack.

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Hello, IndieDB community!

We welcome you once again! Today we're gonna talk about the enemy characters, how many kinds there are and how they work. Initially we had planned to have three different enemies, one of them was a melee enemy with nothing particularly special about it, another one was also a melee enemy but with a little more health points than the last, which when killed would split into two of the standard ones, and finally there would be a ranged enemy, with fewer health points that shoots balls of goo. After some pondering, we decided to only use the first enemy, the standard with nothing special, and the ranged one, forgetting about the tank one that splits when killed. We'll work with the values of damage and health based on which part of the map the player is, in order to make the game flow better, with easy, medium and hard zones.

Melee Enemy


This enemy has a really linear and predictable movement, if not disturbed, it's normal behaviour is patrol, where he walks until it hits something or finds the player, if it hits something he turns around and keeps going. The enemy can detect the player in front of it and behind it, and if it detects him, it will go after the player and try to attack him.

Ranged Enemy


This enemy also has a linear and predictable movement, it is almost the same as the melee enemy, except for it's field of vision which is around 45º-60º degrees in front of him, so that if the player gets below the enemy, it doesn't shoot him.

Visual Effect

We found the special attack hard to see when thrown from the normal, colourful world. Because of that we decided to add a visual effect, which actually made it even cooler and more satisfying to throw. Here's what it looks like:


This week we started taking care of the full user interface of the game, which will soon be completed, we're on a testing phase right now. Next week will show you some more visual effects and and how the UI mock-up looks like.

That's all for this week, hope to see you in the next one!

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