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GAGALAXIES public version 1 is now released. This windows only version is not the final one but is quite close to it, unless you advise me some cool and easy changes.

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You can now find the first public release of GAGALAXIES in the download section of this site.

This version is windows only. Please report any bugs/suggestions. You should be able to understand all the game mechanics with the in-game tooltips.

Someone wrote: Gagalaxies is a single-player sci-fi turn based strategy game which focuses on decision making rather than empire building. The game revolves around differents strategies that the player can select at the beginning of each turn and which determine his order of play. In Gagalaxies playing first is important to move first and block enemy units as well as to be able pick an another very demanded strategy. As the artificial intelligence is programmed to prevent any other players from getting too powerful, as much as possible, war is not always the best option.

- Strategy based gameplay: 7 strategies that can change the course of a game.

- 12 Races with differents units: Balanced races, asymmetric races, crazy races. - Conquer planets to gain economic and industrial advantage.

- 5 types of assets to capture: Mineral field, Pirate factory, Combat enhancing satellite, supply and repair station.

- Random events make the world evolve as the game goes on.
- 12 different map settings.

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