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This is another update Article on the state of Exanim Games and how we plan to go about in the future

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The Studio
For now we at Exanim games have decided to start doubling up on our work efforts. We want to be able to give everybody good games in a good environment. For this reason we have decided to increase Social Media, Work harder on games, and provide more information.

Social Media
You can currently find us on IndieDb, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. However, we rarely update our Facebook and Twitter, our Youtube channel is just getting started, and we just began updating IndieDb a few days ago. We are not going to start updating IndieDB with more information (don't worry we're going to add new update/news graphics). While also trying to keep up with our website and Facebook. Follow us on Facebook and you will now get all of our website posts in your Facebook feed. Our Youtube channel is still a work in progress as we have just begun it. You can read a whole news article in the news section about the Youtube channel. We have also decided to start a blog about the Studio and Indie Gaming in general. Our intention is to make this blog a sort of general guide to Indie game Management and also a personal way to look into Exanim Games (maybe we'll even say why we chose this name for our studio).

As you know we are currently working on Alien Line Up. We have decided to turn this project into something a bit bigger then it once was going to be. So make sure to keep an eye on it (and yes we are going to be upgrading the graphics). Also we want to start a second project. We have one that we are working on but have reached a wall due to absence of funding. Depending on how much money we can put together that project may be put on delay and we may begin working on another simpler game. If we do begin another simpler game we will post it once it is designed. If we go with the first game then that will be shown around summer time.

More Information
Exanim Games has become more serious as the summer approaches. We are currently in the midst of updating our website to be able to provide our followers with one central place to read about Exanim Games and place/download our games. Until the site is ready we planning to use IndieDB for news, google sites for our games, and blogger for our blog (we'll also update here for news on the blog).

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